Diet Food

Low Carb Diet Cake, Pizza & Pasta Restaurant

Following diet can be a hassle, as you do not get diet food everywhere. If you are looking for a reliable low-carb diet restaurants in DIFC, then you have come to the right place. At Live’ly Express, you do not have to worry about exploiting your diet regime, as we also provide diet food for our customers. We try to fulfill every requirement of our customers and this is what has made us one of the leading groups of restaurants in the food industry. As prominent diet food restaurants in Dubai, we provide complete diet food and that too without any preservatives or added flavors. All the dishes that we serve are low fat and sugar-free. Therefore, our esteemed clients regard us as one of the best protein diet restaurants in Dubai.

As one of the best diet cake restaurants in DIFC (Dubai), we provide a wide variety of diet cakes at affordable prices. Talking about the menu that we serve in diet food, we have a long list. For starters, you can pick whole-wheat or multigrain bread for making a sandwich, which can various vegetables like lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, making it more healthy and low fat. As the best diet pizza restaurants in Dubai, we provide various types of pizzas as well. You can also get them clubbed with baked chips so that the taste is not compromised and your diet remains on track. We also provide non-vegetarian diet food like chicken, which is antibiotic and hormone free. It is a rare thing to be found in restaurants but at Live’ly express, we serve it all to you with utmost precision. We also provide boiled and baked chicken and varieties of diet pasta, as we are one of the distinguished diet pasta restaurants in Dubai.